Doors on public buildings don't open inwards

Did you ever open a door one way, figure out you got it wrong and then open it the other way? Well, you are not alone. With good design this inconvenience can be easily avoided but not all doors are well designed.

However there is a way to avoid this at least in public buildings.

There is a little known law that requires the doors in public buildings to always open outwards. Yes, that is right. You might not have noticed, but entry / exit doors in public buildings always open outwards.

Doors should open outwards to avoid situations like this
The reason this law exists is to allow large number of people to exit the building quickly, in case of a fire accident, gun shoot out etc. If the doors were to open inwards, all the people trying to rush out would pile up at the door not allowing space for the door to be opened. In the moment of panic, people closest to the fire will keep pushing forward thus making it impossible to open the door.

The doors of private homes however are not required to open outwards because there are usually very few people in a home and there is no danger of people piling up during evacuation.

Its a different story if you are George Bush though. Doors do not open either way -

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